The Local Advantage
Distinguishing ourselves from our competitors, we provide individualized attention for the services your company needs. Locally owned and operated, any change in service whether anticipated or not, can be expedited quickly. Our style of management empowers our world-class team to make qualified decisions with little turnaround time.

On-site Services
We provide your company with a secure, locked container in which you can store sensitive materials prior to shredding. Available container sizes vary depending on your need. Following the secured destruction of your documents, we recycle the materials for use in post-consumer paper products.

Service on Your Schedule
Some companies—like hospitals or financial institutions—purge documents on a regular basis. Others only need shredding services intermittently. We can set up scheduled shredding services for you weekly, monthly, annually or on an as-needed basis.

Identity Theft Precautions
According to the FBI, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S: In 2011 approximately 12 million people were victims of identity theft.

The Better Business Bureau reports that 80 percent of stolen personal information comes from unprotected printed materials. If your business does not properly and securely dispose of employees’ and clients’ personal information, you may be held liable if that information is stolen.

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