At Fibres International, we’ve made it our business to reduce that number dramatically—in Seattle and in communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. We work with large corporations and small businesses that are focused on creating a more eco-friendly workplace. Our clients represent a wide range of industries, and include manufacturing plants, retailers and print shops.

If you are committed to improving your company’s sustainability program, we offer waste audits that will help you reach your operational goals. Waste audits are hands-on evaluations, examining what you are throwing away each day. We will provide you a report that details the amount and type of recyclable materials your employees are throwing away, including which departments or areas of your business need the most improvement. After we provide you with a report and action plan, we will follow-up to track and report on your company’s progress.

According to Seattle Public Utilities, 170 tons of paper is sent to landfills from Seattle businesses each day. In fact, a study by Xerox found that businesses throw away approximately half of all the documents they print within 24 hours.

Fibres International’s recycling services collect paper products at your place of business and then process them for re-use. Our bins range in size from 1.5 yard baskets for in-office recycling to outdoor roll-off containers that can contain up to 40 yards of paper waste. We empty the bins on both a scheduled and on-demand basis.

We also offer onsite and offsite secure and confidential shredding services for sensitive documents.

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